Grandstream Device Configuration
Admin Password:   (purposely not displayed for security protection)
Layer 3 QoS:   (Diff-Serv or Precedence value)
Layer 2 QoS:   802.1Q/VLAN Tag     802.1p priority value (0-7)
  802.1p priority value (NATed traffic) (0-7)
STUN server is :   (URI or IP:port)
Keep-alive Interval:   (in seconds, default 20 seconds)
Use STUN to detect network connectivity:   No  
  Yes, total STUN response misses to restart DHCP (mininum=3)
Use DNS to detect network connectivity:   No     Yes
Firmware Upgrade and Provisioning:   Upgrade Via     TFTP     HTTP     HTTPS
          Firmware Server Path:
          Config Server Path:

          XML Config File Password:
          HTTP/HTTPS User Name:
          HTTP/HTTPS Password:

          Firmware File Prefix:           Firmware File Postfix:
          Config File Prefix:               Config File Postfix:    

  Allow DHCP Option 66 to override server:
              No     Yes

  Automatic Upgrade:
              No     Yes, every minutes(60-5256000).
              Yes, daily at hour (0-23).   Yes, weekly on day (0-6).

    Always Check for New Firmware at Boot up
    Check New Firmware only when F/W pre/suffix changes
    Always Skip the Firmware Check
Authenticate Conf File:   No      Yes   (cfg file would be authenticated before acceptance if set to Yes)
SIP TLS Certificate:  
SIP TLS Private Key:  
SIP TLS Private Key Password:  
ACS Username:  
ACS Password:  
Periodic Inform Enable:   No       Yes  
Periodic Inform Interval:  
Connection Request Username:  
Connection Request Password:  
CPE SSL Certificate:  
CPE SSL Private Key:  
System Ring Cadence:  
Call Progress Tones:
Dial Tone:  
Ringback Tone:  
Busy Tone:  
Reorder Tone:  
Confirmation Tone:  
Call Waiting Tone:  
Syntax: f1=val[,f2=val[,c=on1/off1[-on2/off2[-on3/off3]]]];
(Frequencies are in Hz and cadence on and off are in ms)
Lock Keypad Update:   No       Yes   (configuration update via keypad is disabled if set to Yes)
Disable Voice Prompt:   No       Yes   (voice prompt is disabled if set to Yes)
Disable Direct IP Call:   No       Yes   (direct IP call is disabled if set to Yes)
Failover to FXO Gateway:   Disable       Enable  
FXO Gateway:   (URI or IP address)
NTP Server:   (URI or IP address)
Allow DHCP option 42 to override NTP server:   No   Yes
Syslog Server:  
Syslog Level:  
Send SIP Log:   No   Yes
Primary RADIUS Server:  
Primary RADIUS Auth Port:   (default 1812)
Primary RADIUS Acct Port:   (default 1813)
Primary RADIUS Server Secret:  
Secondary RADIUS Server:  
Secondary RADIUS Auth Port:   (default 1812)
Secondary RADIUS Acct Port:   (default 1813)
Secondary RADIUS Server Secret:  
RADIUS Timeout:   (default 2)
RADIUS Retry:   (default 3)
Download Device Configuration:
Upload firmware:
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