What SIP Phones can I use with MyPBX?

The following SIP Phones/IP Phones are tested with MyPBX Phone System. Click on the phone for a detailed configuration guide.
Each IP phone has a configuration guide to allow it to be configured via its web interface, or alternatively to allow it to be provisioned and thus configured remotely from the MyPBX Phone System interface.

SIP Phone Configuration Guides(Tested)

Yealink T18, T18P, T20, T20P, T22, T22P, T26, T26P, T28, T28P, T32G, T38G, VP-2009P, VP530 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Tiptel 3110, 3120, 3130 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Snom 300, 320, 360, 370, 720, 760, 820, 821, 870 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

GrandStream GXP280, 285, 1100, 1105, 1200, 1400, 1405, 1450, 2000, GXP2100, 2110, 2120, 2124, DP710, DP715. (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Aastra 6730i, 6731i, 6735i, 6737i, 6739i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Polycom SoundPoint IP 321, 331, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670 and SoundStation IP5000, IP6000, IP7000 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Fanvil C01, C56, C58/C58P, C60, C62, D800, D900, F52/F52P, F58, F66 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

CISCO SPA 501G, 502G, 504G, 508G, 509G, 514G, 512G, 525G2 (Manual configuration)

Linksys SPA 901, 921, 922, 941, 942, 962 (Manual configuration)

Diguim D40, D50, D70 (Manual configuration)

Siemens C470IP, S685IP (Manual configuration)

Escene ES620, ES410, ES330, ES320, ES290, ES220, ES205, DS622, DS412, DS102, WS620, WS320, WS220, WS103, WS102, HS118, HS108, US103, US102, GS620, GS410, GS330 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Panasonic KX-UT113, KX-UT123, KX-UT133, KX-UT136, KX-UT248, KX-UT670, TGP500, TGP550 (Auto Provision / Manual configuration)

Soft Phone Configuration Guides(Tested)

Nokia E65, E71, N81, N95 (Manual configuration)

Counterpath Bria (Manual configuration)

Counterpath Eyebeam (Manual configuration)

Counterpath X-lite (Manual configuration)

Zoiper (Manual configuration)

SJphone (Manual configuration)

3CX Softphone (Manual configuration)

LinPhone (Manual configuration)


Door Phone Configuration Guides(Tested)

2N Door Phone (Manual configuration)

SURIX Door Phone (Manual configuration)

LinkCom Door Phone (Manual configuration)